the writing

I mean, it's all here. All stuff I do that could vaguely be considered writing.

  • der Front Page archives
    All my previous writing from the front page, in nifty dynamic content driving e-synergy platform solutions format. Or something. Relive fond memories or read those ol' stupid stories about the cats. My favorite is still the Foundation movie trailer piece. Aah, good times.
  • I Love You Like A Taxi Driver: The Music of Wesley Willis
    I still have no idea why I wrote this piece on him other than the fact that I thought he was a musical genius. If slightly off-kilter. And to think I'd never have heard about him if it weren't for that bastard Napster thingy.
  • Massachusetts Slogans
    Grog and I wrote funny slogans for Massachusetts towns. Yours may be in here as well.
  • Catatonic Comix
    For two years I designed and maintained a website devoted to making pictures of famous people say bad words. Here is the result, archived and annotated for your viewing pleasure.
  • Childwatch!
    I wrote some safety recall notices once. Then I started the Comix. Learned me well.
  • Abbie The Cat Has A Posse
    This is the semi-updated blog of the cat. Yes, the cat. No, don't look like that. It's surprisingly kinda good sometimes. For one, the cat never calls me 'daddy'. And for good reason.
  • Goodbye, Weird>
    Long ago and far away there was a forum on a BBS that existed completely anonymously. And people liked it, until the powers that be knocked it off so that more idiotic users of the BBS could A/S/L? each other until their genitals fell off. Or something. At any rate, this was my last post to that esteemed institution. It's rather maudlin. You may not like it.


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