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If you've been lucky enough to avoid them thus far, we'd like you to eat

The Bacon 
Sandwiches - alt.stupidity's STUPIDEST band!

Much as been said about the beloved Bacon Sandwiches - unfortunately, Senator Exon will get pissed if I quoted most of it verbatim. A collection of souls whose sole purpose in life is to get drunk and attempt to play various instruments, the Bacon Sandwiches have thrilled and amused about 7 people in their 11-year history. Check 'em out! However, if you're looking for fancy audio or video clips on this page, there are none. The band all use Commodore 64s and Apple IIgs machines, and wouldn't know an .AU file if it jumped up and bit them on the ass.

The information presented here in this collection of stuff was originally compiled by Jason Nafziger, Spatch, Flapjack, Jesper Nilsson, and others. Now it's been fooked over by Spatch and presented in several hundred parts, in icons so large even the drunkest of band members may click on at least one when they try.

The Bacon Sandwiches FAQ - or "Put Down Those Questions!"

Complete Bacon Sandwiches Discography and lyrics

Miscellaneous BS stuff - drunken band interviews et al

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