farewell, my coney island baby
the disposable project pt. 1

On April 9, 2000, I went to Coney Island for Astroland's opening day. As I drove down through Connecticut early that morning, snow and slush started to fall. By the time I hit Interstate 95 and crossed the border to New York state, we were nearing whiteout conditions.

I should've known that the park wouldn't be open for the day. Regardless, I went down to the south tip of Brooklyn, armed with a disposable camera, determined to take whatever pictures I could. Just to see what I could get out of the little thing. I also enjoyed the nearby Aquarium, open regardless of weather, and lunch and dinner with some good friends. Later in the evening the weather became clear and beautiful, so there are some nice nighttime shots as well. I missed riding the Cyclone, but I had a beautiful day nonetheless.

Especially missed now is the Thunderbolt, which was demolished 11/17/00 in the name of civic aesthetics. There are some wonderful pictures in here which will help remind us all of the treasure we've lost.

Click on the first thumbnail to start the tour, if you'd like. These pictures are all mine and copyrighted to me. Please don't use them for your website or other projects without asking me first. Chances are I'll say yes, but I'll get real upset if you don't ask permission. Thanks.







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