abbie's picture page

on the whole I don't care too much for cameras
the flash hurts my eyes and honestly pictures are silly
you kno what I look like so remember that instead and ify ou don't know what I look like well then use your imagination

I guess you don't care too much for imagination so here are some pictures of me taken last year when thew eather was nice
We had the dwindows and doors open and the breeze was good to feel
and then we had treats and played with toys so it was a good afternoon altogether

I am sitting by the balcony door which is open but the screen is not
they never let us outside and that is a very bad shame
i consider this a very Noble profile indeed much like john barrymore
note the lustrous sheen of my coat and the inner workings of my ear

I am sitting on the edge of the sofa and the flash ahs taken me by surprise
do NOT do that again I said

to placate me there was a toy brought out for me to play with
you cannot see it but the red thing actually spins around and it is fun to catch and eat
though you cannot really eat it but I tried my best

this is not me
I waws not aware the other cat was having pictures taken too
this is surely an outrage and I am only letting thisp icture stay to show you that she has crazy eyes




Pictures copyright © 2001 J. Rodgers
Text is presumably copyrighted by Abbie if he thought of it; I'll have to ask