Here now a glorious collection of pictures from past and present. But none of the future because my timetravelling camera hasn't arrived in the mail. Yet. The Coney Island galleries are undergoing a slight renovation so I'll have them up as soon as slightly possible. Your cooperation and understanding have been acknowledged and a gesture of gratitude has been extended as well.

gallery 03

Pictures taken in varying states of sobriety (photographer and subject both) by my friend Lynn who I think is one of the few people I'll trust to do portraiture. Sorry, Glamour Shots. Note that the picture on the left, which happens to be my favorite, looks nothing like the other ones.


coney island 2003

The second Disposable Camera Experiment goes to Coney Island for a day of amusements. This time there's no snow but everything is still off-kilter and that's what I love most about the place.


abbie 2001

Four newer pictures of the cats when I lived in Marlboro. With text and captions written by Abbie himself. Oh, don't roll your eyes. He's been writing for years.


los gatos locos 2000

The original (for me, at least) page of cats looking cute and cats looking adorable and cats looking bored and cats looking peeved and looking hairy and cats looking like cats. Taken when I lived in Reading and 26 Linden was known as (among other things) "Casa De Los Gatos Locos." I'm sure you've seen far worse and far cuter in your online perusals, so just humor me in my moment of common eccentricity. I think Abbie's lost some weight though. My favorites still include Martha in mid-air and Abbie in a blurry "I am going to eat the camera" state.


coney island 2000

The first Disposable Camera Experiment took place in April, 2000, when I went down to Coney Island for its opening day. It snowed that morning (April Fool!) which kept Astroland and the Cyclone from running. Armed with two disposable cameras since the telephoto lens on my trusty Pentax needed fixing, I figured I deserved whatever pictures I got. To my surprise, things came out pretty well. The snow pictures turned out bleak and wonderful and later that afternoon, when things cleared up and the sky turned bright blue, I got some beautiful twilight shots of the old place. Included are pictures of the abandoned Thunderbolt roller coaster, which by that point had less than 9 months to live before being unfairly bulldozed under. Progress, and Rudy Guiliani's minor-league ballpark, march on.