Nov 11, 1999 00:10 from Spatch 

He looked rather confused. He started to log off, but hesitated. "If this was
the main reason I kept coming back -- rather, if this was the main reason I 
kept telling myself why I kept coming back, why do I feel the need to log in
again to make sure it's dead?"        

"Who knows?" She shrugged, invisible. "Closure. Finality. The same way you
kept profiling Eriond and Wysteria for three months until the inevitable day
when you got the message that they didn't exist anymore." 

"And MeJane? What of MeJane?" 

A sigh. Quite audible even a million miles away. "In time, you'll remember
Weird> just as you remember Miranda now. Fondly, yet incapable of recalling
too many specific events and conversations. You'll remember most the feelings
you had when you were around. That's what really counts, isn't it?"

"I guess. I mean, -- I guess." A long pause. "I really hate these 'end of an
era' types of goodbyes. I hate all goodbyes, really, but the truly final ones
are the worst."

She laughed. "This is not a final goodbye from you. Don't you realize? You said
goodbye to Weird> many moons ago, Th. Rob." 

And with the recitation of the last of his names, the stars began to go out,
one by one. 

                                                              good night, weird
                                                         wishes are like dishes 

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