Dateline Whenever



Here's our old 404 image. This was back when Sofia Coppola actually didn't look like the brightest bulb in the box of light bulbs. At least, not with that expression on her face (and I do blame the photographer for that one.)

I used this ol' chestnut for a "Coming Back in 2002!" teaser.

One of the rare few ad banners I made. I think this was for Bigpanda.
I like how I got the "Enjoy" in there. Very Coke-like.

And here's the little link icon I made for Bigpanda.

The image I used to advertise the first batch of Comix with the new domain and everything.
I think this was only used on the Brunchma board. Note the weirdo beardo angling of the speech balloon. Not sure why I did that, but hey, it looks somewhat dynamic.

Catatonic Link Button Showcase! Use one today!

Before Bush had a random goofy caption on the frontpage, I used Clinton. Here's one of his random wacky sayings. You can refresh the page for another or just click on him.

And finally, I found some unused pictures I'd probably meant to use for comic material but either never found the right joke for them or they weren't really usable for what I wanted. Either way, they were in the root Catatonic folder so I hadn't even processed them for comic use yet. Imagine the comedic carnage that could've been wrought with these gems!

(And doesn't this look like the guy on the "Just For Men" hair coloring box?
Mais non! It is just your American author Stephen King!)



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