Dateline March 15, 2001




I'd finally gotten into Survivor after eschewing the original season, and much to my surprise the second season (set in the Australian outback) turned out to be a lot of fun to watch. It quickly became a real guilty pleasure of mine, so I tried to reconcile that by intellectualizing it and melding it with some other highbrow concept for laffs. I'm not sure which picture first inspired me to get them to all sing Gilbert & Sullivan tunes, but I spent an enjoyable afternoon in the office going through librettos and making sure to use the right song with the right people (the two players involved in law enforcement singing the Policeman's song, for instance.)

I'm also quite fond of the light opera title here, with the appropriate subtitle of course. I'm sure that if Mssrs. G and S had envisioned the idea of sixteen people playing an elimination game in a remote part of the world, they'd have done as good as job as I, and they'd have used new words to boot.

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