Dateline May 11, 2000


Of all the non-sequential Catatonic Comix I have done, these three Sharper Image knock-offs are my favorites (note the anagram title and all that.) I was compelled to do this as I went crazy during an extended layover on the tarmac at Baltimore (they wouldn't let us gate for nearly 3 hours so we were all stuck on the plane and there was little water and it was cramped and hot and babies were crying and GOD DAMN JUST OPEN THE FUCKING DOOR, I'LL JUMP DOWN THE INFLATABLE SLIDE AND WALK TO THE TERMINAL MYSELF.) All I had for amusement was a newspaper, which was quickly made into funny hats, and the in-flight catalog, full of overpriced nonsense for the discriminating conspicuous consumer. The section featuring the Sharper Image was the worst offender, so I grabbed a pen and just scribbled acromonious bullshit over nearly every page, snarling away. I fully realize doing something like that in our Heightened Terrorist Alert Days would get me carted away, but back then in those carefree times we could've had a John Woo gunfight in coach and nobody would've batted an eye.

Later on I looked over that defaced catalog (I'd brought it home with me) and decided to channel that unfocused juvenile rage into something actually useful and worthwhile, and these three pages are the result. I am particularly proud of the last page. That's probably the best satire on the site. None can dispute my claim of TOTAL F'N GENIUS for that work, no sir!

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