Dateline February 3, 2000



I'd been wanting to do this joke visually since 1995 when I wrote it as a post to alt.stupidity. My first few attempts never lived long enough to do any good (one died in a hard drive meltdown and the second was on a server run by a "friend" who one night just up and absconded with all the data. Moral: Back up your stuff locally.)

I think though that this is the best incarnation of it yet. It's certainly one of my real favowites. The Jesus pictures are, amazingly enough, from some motion picture called "Jesus."

A friend once worried if I'd get religious flack from fundies over this strip because I put Our Lord Jesus Christ in a humorous light, and we can't have that because it means laughing and having fun or whatever it is that fundies hate about having fun. But really, the man preached non-violence and advocated non-violent solutions whenever possible. I am 100% certain that if he had thought of using snack cakes to foil the Romans' plans, he would have gladly done so.


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